Chance. Thought, food for. Assurance and arrest.  It is too soon to say, and it is too early to play. Panic and protection, gripped, firm. I paint, I am tired of fit. It is exhausting. So now, I will write. Words and paint strokes are the same anyway. I started a painting, it looks like […]

2015: No Perfect (Better) Time

So I’m not really sure if it’s too late to do a Lessons of 2015 blog post, but it’s 3 in the morning, I only slept for two hours, so what better thing to do than write? I’m going to recount a story, one that had many sad moments, but one that had a million […]

Boyfriend Plaid

Fall has paid us a visit, and has brought all of my favorite things with her! Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apples, and soft hues that blend in with the leaves on the ground.  The most important thing about Fall is LAYERS! Last Saturday, I took a quick trip to Shepheardstown, West Virginia, for a college football […]