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2nd & L is lifestyle blog founded by Lindsay Adams to express the essence of art and fashion. While focusing on the depths of her passion of artistic expression through the use of acrylic, oil, water color, and photography, Lindsay combines this with her love for fashion.

Currently:  A Management Consultant, freelance illustrator,  Creative Strategist for Love and Company, and Art Director for #BlackGirlsWhoBlog.

The Story:

Artist, Lindsay Adams, hailing from Prince Georges County, MD, outside of Washington, DC., uses her corporate career and world studies to communicate different interpretations of art forms through painting, drawing and photography. She began drawing and painting at an early age. While attending a youth summer camp at Corcoran College of Art & Design, she began tightening her skills, and devoted more time to her art. In high school, she received diligent  instruction and guidance, and took Drawing and Painting as a major course. Along with her artistic fervor, Lindsay is also passionate about politics, foreign language, music, and fashion. After participating in Model United Nations for two years, she decided that in college, she would study Foreign Relations. Despite the rigorous course load of being an International Studies and Spanish double major, she still made time to take art courses, including drawing, observational painting, and a few independent studies. During her time studying abroad in Europe, she developed a passion for photography, and captured many inspirational moments through camera. Lindsay received two Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, with a concentration in World Politics and Diplomacy, and Spanish. During the day she is a management consultant for a top consulting firm, and spends her free time as a creative consultant for a newly established fashion blog, owner of the blog, “I Paint in Heels,” Art Director for #BlackGirlsWhoBlog,


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