I talk in a whisper, so maybe that’s why you didn’t hear me. Women are meant to be seen, not heard..isn’t that what they say? I never wanted to be heard, anyway…I wanted to be listened to. What’s the point of you seeing me, if you’re not listening? Senses work together, in cadence and communion. Each vessel placed in perfect order, eyes, ears, nose then mouth. That is how they appear. I wasn’t being silent…I was talking, ya know? Well…I was whispering.

I wasn’t whispering out of fear, I was whispering out of discernment. In the perfect time, perfect things will come. Whispers last longer…they past through space and  time in a way that screams don’t. The screaming ends, noise can’t last that long. But the whisper, it is more life a soft kiss on the side of your neck, warm breath against your cheek in the cold air. The yells were important though. They were the purposeful distractions.

All yells sound the same though, I hope you could tell. But whispers, they are different. They are not heard, they are listened to. I talk in a whisper, so maybe that’s why you didn’t hear me. Actually, I am a whisper. To see and feel a whisper, your senses must work together, in cadence and communion. Are you listening?

Choose love, each time. Choose goodness, despite disappointment. Choose faith, because it does not fail you. Choose happiness, because sh*t happens. Be understanding…not because you want to…but because you don’t have it all together either.


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