Sanctuary: When it’s supposed to work, it will


Sanctuary - noun. The protection that is provided by a safe place.”
Sanctuary, safe place, silence, and solace. Sanctuary, the destination. Watered grass is green, not the grass on the other side. The process, trust it. The watering, is worth it.  The beauty is where the struggle is, and the beauty is where there is sanctuary. Sanctuary is found, lost, and has always been there.  It is beautiful, and it is pure. On the path of self-discovery and at the onset of change, things can become blurry. Desire and  delusion, wants versus needs, and urgent versus important. But, sanctuary. Sanctuary- safe place. Consistently, safe. Not hot today and cold tomorrow. It did not build you up yesterday, to tear you down tomorrow. Sanctuary, it is constant, it is always there.

Sanctuary, it doesn’t move, but it does change. It evolves and it uplifts, but it does not disappear. When you call, it will pick up. Sanctuary; mature and mindful, motivating and marvelous. Sanctuary, it is not earned, and it is not deserved; it is given, and should be cherished. Sanctuary; it won’t tell you you aint shit, even if it thinks it, it will not close the door in front of your face, even if you refuse to walk in. Sanctuary; protection. It does not hurt, but it is scary. It is not scary because it intends to be. A shock, a reality that seems too good to be true. But it is yours. It is yours to find, and it is yours to keep. Sanctuary. It is not a prison, it will not hold you back, it will give you things you need, and things that you are not sure you want. Peace and patience. Prized and precious; sanctuary.

The closest thing to God, the highest expression of love. Selfless, and serene…but scary, yes. It is not deserved, and it is not earned…it is given, and it is realized. Sanctuary; it does not boast; it does not yell. It is not easily angered. Sanctuary; the process, trust it. Sanctuary had to find itself, as you had to find it. Evolving with experience, but safe; always. Sanctuary, always ready, even when you are not. It is not mean, it knows herself, but it is still a work in progress. It has been abused, and misused; but still…safe. It is misunderstood, it is laughed at, it is played and left at bay. But it is. Existing; mature and mindful, motivating and marvelous.

Sanctuary; not for show, not always seen, not always heard, and not always valued. Silent prayers and realized dreams. Exactly what you didn’t know you needed. Not so quick to judge, symbiotic, and serene. Sanctuary; knows too much, sees all, but must say little. Sanctuary; scary. There is no bar or standard, it cannot be compared. Mistakes won’t take it away, but they will make tit pray. Sanctuary; it is not earned, and it is not deserved, it is given. It will work, when it’s supposed to.

Smile, sanctuary.

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