[Sometimes I draw, sometimes I write] I am neither lost nor found, looking, or hiding. I am here, neither trapped in my own breath, or free from my own sorrow. I am here, once forgotten, and asked to stay put. I could not. Deficit of patience, abundance of prose. I cannot keep silent, but I […]

Coffee with my Grandmother

Each prayer that slipped from her lips to touch the universe, just for me. If there was such thing as an earthly heaven, this was it. Prayers, just for me. Lindsay. Love and acceptance, purpose and persecution. Punishment and pain. Generations of greatness, of gratitude, of grace. Generations of grace grazed our cheeks during long […]

On the Run

Fashion, Groceries, and Nike…why not? I came across this editorial spread from Elle South Africa that was published last summer (super late but still), and I just fell in love with it. I fell enough in love with it to draw it, of course. To read more about the spread, visit Fashion of Culture (hey […]

I Met Fate.

I met fate. This isn’t the first time…and she visits me often. She makes me remember things as I sleep, that I sometimes forget when I’m awake. Her friends visit me too, you know them? Purpose and destiny. They tend to linger, while fate just drops in. Sometimes I get  That feeling that you just […]

Back in Business

The end of “Summer Vacation” is approaching, and of course that means back to work. Of course I use the term jokingly, because I’ve been working, but I haven’t been blogging or drawing! As my full time career continues to unfold and develop as it may, I’m still on a quest to maintain this fashion […]