I talk in a whisper, so maybe that’s why you didn’t hear me. Women are meant to be seen, not heard..isn’t that what they say? I never wanted to be heard, anyway…I wanted to be listened to. What’s the point of you seeing me, if you’re not listening? Senses work together, in cadence and communion. […]

Renewal + Redemption

The blog almost got dropped. I changed my name from 2ndandL on Instagram, and deleted my twitter. I deactivated my Facebook, and I just started blocking. The Block Feature, it is not something I run from. Sometimes it needs to happen. Not forever, but sometimes for a season, you’ve got to do what you have […]


It hurt, not like hell, but it hurt. It didn’t hurt as much as forgotten peace and lack of sleep, but it hurt. It didn’t hurt as much as being disrespected, but it hurt. People don’t know anything anyway. Well, I won’t speak for you, but I don’t know much. I sense a lot though. […]

No Words

Found in Google Docs, with many other word spurts, spreadsheets and kind notes I sent to others to help them along the way, and words of love when my heart was pure. I used to be so helpful, I really do love people’s stories. When the dust settles, all we have are our stories. I […]

Sanctuary: When it’s supposed to work, it will

  “Sanctuary - noun. The protection that is provided by a safe place.” Sanctuary, safe place, silence, and solace. Sanctuary, the destination. Watered grass is green, not the grass on the other side. The process, trust it. The watering, is worth it.  The beauty is where the struggle is, and the beauty is where there is […]