A Night Out

As I prepare to start my semester at The New School tomorrow, I needed to take a little break and enjoy my last weekend of freedom (not the last, but my schedule is going to be really tight)! I went out with a friend of mine to a fashion event, and then we had a lovely meal at STK, a new steakhouse downtown. A new week has began and Im busy organizing, meal prepping, and preparing for this new season!


What Im wearing:

1. Dress-MissGuided 2. Shoes -Nine West 3. Clutch-Kate Spade

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In the SketchPad: Experimenting with Color Blending

Happy Thursday! I wanted to share some art work Ive done this week. Ive been experimenting with color blending with my copic markers and metallic pens! Im having the time of my life! These are a bit abstract, minus the illustration of DPiperTwins! ENJOY!

Products Used:

1.Copic Markers 2. Micron Pens 3. XL Mixed Media Paper 4. Regular Pencil

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I Paint in Heels

Hi There! Happy Tuesday! Ive been working, drawing, and working some more! I started with a new team at work about a month ago, and Ive been adjusting/ getting acclimated. Im excited to announce that Ill be starting classes at The New School for Design on Monday! Im also going to be doing a Fashion Illustration Workshop in downtown D.C. for three weekends in September, staying busy and perfecting the craft! When Im not on 2nd and L, Im usually snapping and posting pics on tumblr and instagram! I have to nurture my creativity some how!

In the fall, I will be relaunching my online store (on Etsy), under the new name, “I Paint in Heels.” Its a spin on my multifaceted life as an artist, fashion enthusiast, and business woman! Be on the look out for new things to come and in the mean time, stop by my Tumblr, and Follow me on Instagram to stay connected!

Thank you so much for all you support! I love you all!


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Out and About: SheaYeleen 2014 Yali Washington Fellows

Last night, my friend and I attended the Celebration of the SheaYeleen 2014 Yali Washington Fellows at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in D.C. The event attracted an array of guests, ranging from beauty enthusiasts, small business owners, non-profits, and International Development enthusiast! SheaYeleen International is an organization that represents issues and concerns of rural West African producers of shea butter. With improvement as the main goal, SheYeleen focuses on assisting  rural West African women, who can’t access the necessary tools and training they need, produce a quality and healthy product. By serving as an advocate and liaison, SheaYeleen works to improve the livelihood of communities, connecting these rural communities to international markets. To read more about SheaYelean visit their website at http://www.sheayeleen.org/index.html

As an International Studies and developing nations enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed the event! There are so many things happening across the world that we don’t know about, or forget to pay attention to. Sustainable economic development and women empowerment are two of SheaYaleen’s main goals, which are areas that many developing nations are struggling with. I thoroughly enjoyed the event,  the beauty bar, the yummy hors d’oeuvre, champagne, and a wonderful view. Thank you so much Makeda for the Invite! Check out what she has to say as host of the event at Glamazon Diaries 

What Im Wearing:

1. Crop Top- ASOS 2. Skirt-F21 3. Shoes-Tahari 4.Clutch-F21 5. Jewelry -Thrifting find, Marc Jacobs


Protection of Peace

Heyyy there, how ya doinggg?

Id be lying if I said I haven’t missed 2nd and L. I have, but I needed to take a break. This tends to happen every few months, or when something drastic happens in my life, and I need to step away and do some reflection, or take some quiet time. In a sense, blogging is an outlet, my expression, my open letter filled with insight I may get, wisdom God gives me, or various forms of inspiration; whether that be artistically or otherwise. This baby of mine, it’s my gift, my first song, something that is just mine…and I can not believe I considered just letting it wilt away. I was overwhelmed, upset, and confused…trying to process that unfortunate (fortunate) break-up that happened; and I needed to regain my spiritual grounding. (Thats still a process, by the way)

Anyway, I haven’t completely neglected my gifts! Ive been snapping pics, and illustrating til my hands fall off. Im relaunching my online store soon, and have been having a good time with my Tumblr! (Painting in Heels). Im ready to come back though, I have gathered my thoughts and have been protecting my peace.

So, thats where this title came from. A good friend of mind tweeted “Protect your peace.” It really stuck to me, because I feel like so easily, I let anxiety or my emotions get the best of me. I start making careless mistakes and stressing over things I have no business stressing over. My peace and prayer is all that I have at the end of the day…if my talents and gifts were taken away from me; it is what I have left; it is what helps me keep going.

Im starting to get back to doing things that I enjoy! Photography, Painting, and Pretty things! On Sunday, I took a little trip to Eastern Market with my uncle, and had a really good time! Pics below!

What Im Wearing:

1. Crop Top -ASOS 2. Pants-ASOS 3. Shoes-Steve Madden 4. Purse-Target


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