Either way…You’re Okay!

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“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are.”

I bought this journal (shown above) not too long ago…and I just fell in love with the illustrations, the monochrome layout, and of course the quote!

I try to read and write as much as I can. Sometimes it gets tough, because I get easily distracted by  the million other things that I sometimes find more important.  In college, I felt like I never had much time for leisure reading…all of my literature was filled with Spanish novels, International Relations theories, or scholarly articles about the kalizzion issues of the world ( The joys of being a social scientist!) Since graduating, I have really tried to make time for things that will help me grow, things that challenge me, and the things I love to do ( i.e. blogging and painting!). It is so easy to get caught up in the motions of life, that you forget to stop and reflect, and survey your own growth and progress, or lack there of.

Lately, even with the greatest blessings that are coming away, I find myself a little stressed and overwhelmed by everything that is going on (and not going on)…and let me just say, that is not a fun place! Stressing and worrying about things that you have absolutely no control over, is so exhausting and really doesn’t allow for any growth.

Ive noticed that reading and journaling really gives me that opportunity to reflect and survey. Once you put things on paper, you can see that they are not half as bad as they seem in your head. So often, we build up these barriers and expectations about how our life should be, or what should be happening, that we fail to see how much we really have going for ourselves. It is easy to get distracted by what other people are doing, and sometimes, when in a relationship, what other people are not doing. We are responsible for our own actions, our own responses, and our own joy. It is no one else’s responsibility to make you feel good about yourself, and tell you that you’re amazing. Sure, I know that does feel good, so when it happens, we can cherish it, and express our gratitude for that affirmation and encouragement.

Even if a million days go by, and no one says that they love you, and no one tells you how amazing you are…just know, YOU ARE! It all starts with you, your values, your worth, and the standard you set for yourself. Live your life with purpose, try hardddd to hold on to your joy, because the more successful you are, the greater the challenges. Stand firm, relax, and take one step at a time…careful and calculated (not too calculated!)

Whether you get that promotion, have 20 friends, or have two…

Whether you have a boyfriend and are madly in love…or you’re alone, and wondering why…

It is all apart of the journey…it is all apart of the process…whatever is meant to be, will surely find its way…


Black Girls Who Blog

Two weeks ago, my friend, and partner in fab,  Morgan of Cosmorgpolitan tweeted, #BlackGirlsWhoBlog…I thought to myself, “Hey, thats something!!”…she followed with, “We should get that on a t-shirt…” and I ended with “With an Illustration!!”

PS, yes, I did do the illustration! Morgan and I used are collective strengths and created this masterpiece, and Im excited to see it grow!

From that point, we just went to work…The response in the twitter world has been quite positive. We ordered t-shirts, and personalized the back for an individual plug!

The shirts will be on sale, so just contact me or Morgan of Cosmorgpolitan, and we can go from there!

Email me at lindsay@2ndandL.com 

In the email, please write your name (that you want on the back of the shirt, spacing and all), t-shirt sizeshipping address, and $35 payment via PayPalThe paypal address is lindsay.adamsspinner@gmail.com

What Im Wearing:

1. T-Shirt- Black Girls Who Blog  2. Boyfriend Jeans- Target 3. Heels – ZARA 4. Jewelry- Marc Jacobs, Burberry





Outfit of the Day: Hello Yellow!

Happy Monday! The weather today is amazing, the weather this weekend was amazing, and definitely refreshing!

Yesterday was definitely unseasonably warm, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to wear to my bestie’s birthday brunch, because of the unbelievably warm temperatures! I opted for a quarter length sleeved shift dress from J.Crew! I didn’t get too hot, and it was perfect when it began to cool off later in the evening!

By the way, I snagged the dress on SALE, which makes me love it a million times more.!

We had brunch at a restaurant called 14k located inside The Hamilton Hotel off of 14th Street. We called Bottomless Buffet for just $30, so yummy!

What Im Wearing:

1. Dress – J.Crew 2. Shoes- Tahari 3. Bag – Asos 4. Sunnies – H&M 5. Jewelry-Burberry, Thrifting, Marc Jacobs






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Growth and Gratitude: Happy Six Months 2nd & L

Happy Friday Beautiful People! I hope you all had an amazing week! The weather is beautiful, the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and there is always something to be grateful for!

Today, April 11, marks the sixth month of my journey with this brainchild of mine…2nd & L. I know that people start blogs for many different reasons, hoping for different outcomes. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to gain from blogging, I knew it was a great outlet from my everyday routine, and I knew I wanted to share my artwork with the world, which is truly one of Gods greatest gifts to me. As I look back over the past 6 months, I am filled with so much gratitude, from the support, and feedback Ive received. Although blogging takes time, and I sort of get behind, it is really something I enjoy. Ive been writing for most of my life, but this is different! There are no guidelines, no rubrics,  and no prompts!

I was thinking of doing a list of 6 things Ive learned from blogging, or highlighting my 6 favorite outfits, but then I decided to dig a little deeper for this milestone…and Im going to share a bit more about me, and my story.

From a very early age, I knew that I was a creative. Although ‘creative’ is an adjective according to Merriam Webster, I see it as a noun. I define ‘creative’ as ‘a calling and fulfillment. A person who has the ability to enhance and strengthen visually.’ Creativity is such a natural urge. No matter the different paths one tries, the different subjects one studies, the desire to create is always at the center, no matter the field.

My appreciation for art started at the beginning of my life. I was born with mild cerebral palsy, and had many physical challenges. I was 2 months early, weighing 2 lbs 12 ounces. Ive been a fighter, ever sense. Every odd was set against me…I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t speak, and I couldn’t do much on my own without help. The doctors set a timeline for my life, told my mother, Id never be ‘normal’ and that she should pretty much prepare for the worst. Let me be clear, my mother and I do not like being told what to do…so of course, she being the dynamic woman she is, raised me to live not by the limitations that people have set for me, but by the limitless possibilities that God has set up for me.

Despite having to go through speech, physical, and occupational therapy, I always found my grounding in art. There were many days where I felt misunderstood and alone, because no one around me experienced the same challenges as I. I found a way to communicate through my art, filling countless sketchbooks with images that came to my mind. As I aged, I matured both emotionally, as did my illustrations, as well as my fashion! My art became more detailed, I experimented with color and dimension. 

In a sense, my experimentation and growth with art, is a lot like my experimentation and growth with life. Being born with special needs put me in a category of ‘different,’ seemingly by myself. I didn’t know anyone who was ‘different’ in the way I was, and everyone around me seemed ‘normal’…mind you, I use these words loosely, because everyone is ‘different’ and no one is ‘normal.’ I was always very frustrated, I wasn’t sure why this was my path…I wasn’t sure why I had all these challenges that other people didn’t, and I got angry. That anger, turned into drive, that drive created resilience…and there was nothing that anyone was going to tell me I couldn’t do!  

As I got older, I became more ‘normal,’  trying to ignore my differences and fit in as much as possible. I don’t mean fit in as doing what the ‘in crowd did’…I mean, I overachieved and excelled so that people would forget that I was ‘different.’ …Let me just tell you, that didn’t work out too well…Lindsay is Lindsay, and theres no way around that!

Through my different struggles, different relationships, the good and the bad…I began a journey of trying to figure out who I was, embracing my differences, being proud of my story. The older I got, my skin got thicker, and I became more confident in who I was and what I brought to the table. Because my story is so unique, I began to take pride in my struggles, embracing my trials, and trying to figure out how I could use this life that wasn’t promised to me…to help someone else, as many people as possible!
Through my art, and through this blog…I hope to share my gifts with the world…offering encouragement and understanding to those who may feel ‘different,’ like they don’t fit in.  I went from not having full motor control, and not speaking, to getting 2 degrees and being fluent in Spanish! No matter what cards you are dealt in life…any and everything is possible, with faith, hard work, and determination. I know that things get tough, and I know that things get confusing…but no one has it all figured out. I only touched on a very small part of my story…but I hope it was enough to help someone and reassure that there are no limits to what you can do. Look at yourself in the mirror, remind yourself who you are and whose you are…and start changing the world! Be a creative, an artist, a curator, and write your own story! You are not defined by your past, you are not defined by your shortcomings. Take a minute, look at your growth, remain grateful, keep fighting!


Out and About: On the Verge x Refinery 29 @ Cusp in Georgetown

Hello Wonderful People!!!

Happy Thursday to you and yours, Thursday is such an amazing day, side note…It always give me that reassurance of “gee, almost there!”

Last night, I attended a private shopping event hosted by Refinery 29 and blogger, E, of District of Chic!

The event was held at Cusp by Neiman Marcus, in Georgetown, featuring a D.J. a candy car, an open bar, Photobooth and a fab pink carpet upon entry!

I was able to meet some bloggers who I follow on social media, and had loads of fun!

Sorry for the blurriness of the pic, they were taken from my iPhone and it was dark!


What Im Wearing:

1. Jacket -H&M 2. Shirt- White House x Black Market 3. Pants White House x Black Market 4. Shoes -Tahari 5. Purse -Kate Spade