25 Things We Learned by 25

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015


Mikala (MKSavestheDay) and I back at you with collab! (Oh yea, this is a thing now) As we are approaching our Quarter Century mark, we sat down and agreed on the lessons we’ve learned. The good, the bad, and the brilliant. Dear Twenty Somethings…you are not alone.

Twenty Five Things We Learned by 25

1. Patience Pays Whatever is meant to be will find it’s way. There are no shortcuts.

2.Work hard, Be Consistent Consistency and much effort shows interest. Apply it to every aspect in life.

3.Use your Manners, even when you don’t want to We know people suck sometimes, that doesn’t mean you should too. Be polite.

4.Complaining Doesn’t Change Anything, Remain Grateful There’s not much more to this. Stop complaining, it really could be worse.

5.Heartbreaks Help You’ll look back and laugh…walk into that glo up. If they don’t love you, so what…their loss.

6.Never stop Learning Read a book. With words. Words you’ve never seen before. Then find a different one. And repeat.

7.Give equal attention to your body, soul, and mind Go to the gym (Do those squats), eat those veggies, and say your prayers. You are responsible for you.

8.Remain coachable — You don’t know everything No one likes a smart ass…Sometimes you’ve got to shut up and take the constructive criticism…you’ll understand one day.

9.You’re going to mess up…often. Sadly, we aren’t perfect beings. Find comfort in knowing that everyone is vulnerable at some point.

10.Listen to your first instinct If it feels right, you’ll know. Life has a funny way of making you repeat lessons you failed to learn, the first time around. Trust your gut.

11.Meditate Peace and Quiet is good, take some time to release those woes…who wants to be dragging with a Bag Lady?

12.People are going to hurt your feelings, get over it You hurt people’s feelings too…Don’t play coy…See the shade and walk the other way

13.Be kind and remain genuine You never know what internal battle someone is facing.

14.Go the extra mile You’ll be glad you did tomorrow.

15.Men are not mind readers It’d be nice if they were…but they aren’t. So speak up. They have no problem with establishing their boundaries or voicing their concerns…so start communicating (some are listening)

16.Organization is Key Stay up a little later or wake a little earlier. Make sure you declutter and have mental clarity…It’ll make your days go alot smoother

17.Proper planning is also key…Don’t procrastinate What are you waiting for? If you can play…you can plan, keep yourself in check.

18.Talk less…Listen More (Everything doesn’t require a response) Just be quiet sometimes.

19.Choose your battles wisely You can’t fight the world.

20.Everything isn’t for everybody…Don’t be a “get with” If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it. If you’re not feeling it…move on.

21.Protect your heart, peace, and energy Above all else…this is LAW

22.Everyone is not going to like you You’ll also begin to care less about this, and grow to love yourself more.

23.Save more money, the mall isn’t going anywhere Chances are, you don’t need another pair of boyfriend jeans

24.Listen to your parents…they are right about most things They may be losing their hearing and patience at rapid speeds, but they wouldn’t steer you wrong.

25.Keep your head up, sweet heart…you’ve got more to do. Turn the tragedies into triumphs. You only lose if you give up.

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Enjoy Your Twenties

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015


“Enjoy your twenties,” they say. “You can’t get them back.” Fine by me. This is the hardest, most confusing time of my life. I have a whole board on Pinterest, full of scriptures and words of uplift to keep me going. Not to mention the extensive shopping and travel boards. Hashtag, goals. Sometimes, this just doesn’t seem to cut it. Yes, I do randomly break out in tears if something seems to go completely wrong after I spent hours (days/ weeks) working on it. I know my art is beautiful, but I can’t seem to sell it consistently. I’m working in a field (that I like), but has to do with what I studied. NOTHING. I mean I like Communications and I look forward to figuring out this Art Direction stuff…but it gets confusing. (By the way, I’m not complaining, this is real life) I had this whole insane, well thought out, color coded, plan for the next 7 years or so…and now it seems like a bunch of scribbles.

I’ll be 25 in 4 weeks, I had this whole plan to go to Europe…which is in the works, but life happened and I was spending most of the time that I would’ve been planning trying to put my Humpty Dumpty heart back together, and figure crap out…but, this post isn’t about that.
Let me stay on track. Like who starts talking about a couple’s trip to Europe at 21 with a brand new boyfriend…tuh twenties.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited about this 25 thing. I wish I knew how I wanted to celebrate, other than disappearing to Southern France with bottomless champagne, my sketchpad, and my camera. But you know, this milestone is pretty exciting. New love, new experiences, and new responsibilities.

Twenty five years more than I was promised. A lot more than 2 pounds, two degrees, and more than two heartbreaks later, I’m here…wholly. I’m not overly stressed, though, I do have some major goals I want to accomplish. I’m excited, I’m equipped. So dear twenties…we have come to half time, and Iet me tell you…I’m winning this one. I’ll take the confusion, I learned from the heartbreaks, and I still managed to find more love to give. I mean, the random tears and moments of stress are not fun…but if you insist.
Twenties, I don’t want you back…but I’m going to enjoy you….so let’s keep the party going.

PGS and How to Conquer by Mikala Williams

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Meet Mikala Williams, who quotes lines from her favorite movies when seen as applicable to real life situations, usually in a British accent.On purpose. Seems to be working for her so far. She believes her White Spirit mother is Tina Fey and/or Britney Spears, before the 2000s. Could be your grandmother’s best friend, ferrr sure. Hair, shoes and bags are all things you can never have enough of and she shops more than she should (story of my life). Not proud of that…but you know, life! She likes lemon in her water, and champagne in her glass.”Hope that satisfies your “blogger’s byline appetite”, you filthy animals” – I quote.

She might be my long lost twin sister, born a day after me…no but really. We tend to finish each other’s sentences and say things that the other may be too coy to say…welcome her to 2ndandL, she might end up being your new best friend.

Follow her on IG @MK.Williams and Twitter at @MKSavestheDay


PGS, And How to Conquer.

So…you feel trapped in a job that you absolutely hate. You can’t quite run out your place of employment flipping tables screaming, “The man can suck it!” and chuck the deuce. You now have this fascinating, yet repulsive thing called responsibility you have to maneuver. You have a car note, and bills, and student loans and rent to pay. You’ve learned what Auto-Pay means and every month you consider becoming a Sugar Baby. Or maybe that’s just me.

Afraid of what my future held, I had the added pressure and challenge of finding a job fresh out of school that was relative to the field of Communication Studies. “You could do anything in the communications industry”, they said. Yet here I was just…kind of lost. So I said to myself, “Self, I suppose it’s time to buck up, and buckle down.” Of course, one of the many little voices in my head kept pestering:”Did I really just bury myself alive in student loans to wake up every single Monday through Friday at 6 am, and sit in traffic for an hour, and sit at a desk for another 8 hours? Where the f*ck is my PTO and why do I have so little of it? Is there a light at the end of this dark ass tunnel???” *In my best cockney British accent* Excuse me, Millenials (not you, Kanye). May I ‘ave a word? I believe I may ‘ave ‘ound a propah diagnosis…If you find yourself, questioning yourself in this way, you may be suffering from post-graduate stress syndrome.

What is post-graduate stress syndrome? Did you just make this up? Are you some kind of whimsical fairy doctor that’s super relatable to all my twenty-something struggles. Well I’m glad you asked, and yes I did make it up…and yes I am your relatable Godsend.

Post-graduate stress (PGS) includes but not limited to the following symptoms:

•Intense anxiety levels

•Frequently biting your tongue when your manager asks if you need more work to do because you have your phone in hand.

•Feelings of inadequacy

•Strong urges to declare “I have a DEGREE!” (This usually proceeds with storming out of a room, slamming doors, flipping tables, etc.)

•Repetitive thoughts of quitting your job

•Actually quitting your job

•Quitter’s remorse (This usually leads to a downward spiral effect of painful regret, depression, etc.)

•A series of “What the hell am I going to do now?” conversations with your cool Aunt.

•Wondering why you just didn’t go to law school.

•Doing the bare minimum at your job, because you “just can’t”.

•Actively pretending to be busy (This is a job in itself).

•Lying in bed to only stare at the ceiling…for hours.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Bad news is, none of these things are going to help achieve any of your career desires and aspirations. Good news is…you’re okay. And everything’s going to work out in the end. I’ve learned in my experience that you can’t continue to dwell on what isn’t in your life, rather what is. Stop worrying, and start doing. Trust in the God that still provides for you, even when you aren’t so faithful. Use the faith that you already have, bro. *Jumps down from pulpit*

Of course it’s often that idle minds wander. Perhaps that is a sign it’s time to switch the gears of your thought life out of neutral, and into a propelling state. As much as you’ve probably heard from your church going cigarette smoking wine drunken grandma, “everything happens for a reason, baby.” Which in retrospect, I’ve learned to be true. We’re in our current situations for preparation. All lessons are applicable to our future. Whether it’s an experience we will experience tomorrow or years later, just simply keep our eyes and heart open for enlightenment.
- Just a thought.

Back to Black

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Black Again? Surprise. It’s not my favorite color, but I do like to wear it. Uninterrupted black is always my go to look when I’m indecisive, and it never fails me! The transition weather is here and some days are cooler than others. I combined a backless bodysuit Ive had for some time, with some distressed denim and minimal heels! It was super comfy, and the backless look definitely gave it some edge. Im eager to do more fall looks, and especially ready for a jacket! Follow me Instagram @2ndandL and on Snapchat @iPaintinheels to keep up with art, fun, and fashion!
What Im Wearing:
1. Body Suit-American Apparel 2.Jeans-Forever 21 3.Shoes-Zara 4.Bag-ZARA 5.Sunnies-ASOS

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

On the Run

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Fashion, Groceries, and Nike…why not?

I came across this editorial spread from Elle South Africa that was published last summer (super late but still), and I just fell in love with it. I fell enough in love with it to draw it, of course. To read more about the spread, visit Fashion of Culture (hey Sabby!) If you haven’t checked out this award winning blog, do so! NOW! Fashion, Culture, Color, and all things FAB!

Here’s my illustrated rendition! When the heels come off, throw on some sneakers!

Fashion of Culture


FullSizeRender (1)


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