Color Pop

Happy December everyone! This year and truly come and gone…I am looking forward to finishing the year strong, and taking on 2015 with a joyful heart, open mind, and spirit of gratitude. Ive been out of commission for a while due to a pretty bad fall right after Thanksgiving. I ended up with a concussion and bit bruised up, but Im still here…and ready to keep moving! On Saturday I was finally able to get out of the house! I headed uptown with my family to a Holiday Shop!

Im so COMPLETELY obsessed with this camel coat. I know Ive said that before, but its so true! Can you say, staple? Either way, I paired a United Colors of Benetton sweater with some orange culotte shorts and booties! The chunky turtleneck is definitely end this fall / and winter, and I managed to snag it from the Thrift for $6! I loved the orange shorts for added pop of color, and by the way, if you wondering…Yes, I was wearing stockings

What Im Wearing:

1. Sweater- United Colors of Benetton (Thrift) 2. Shorts- ASOS 3. Booties-Neccesary Clothing 4. Bag- LV 5. Coat- ZARA 6. Sunnies- Marc Jacobs


04-IMG_6404 copy
05-IMG_6414 copy

08-IMG_6422 copy

06-IMG_6440 copy


I am so so so obsessed with this Camel coat I snagged from Zara. As long as I stay a size 4, I will wear it forever! I feel as though it can give any outfit pop, and make it look a hundred thousand times better.

Last Fall, I snagged this sweatshirt from the Phillip Lim x Target collab. Ive worn it sooo many times, but usually loungy, and just one other time on the blog. I had an idea to dress it up a bit, without having to wear a skirt, and thats what I did! BOOM!

What Im Wearing:

1.Sweatshirt- Phillip Lim x Target 2. Pants- ASOS 3. Sandals-ZARA 4. Coat-ZARA


Some Things Just Don’t Make Any Sense…

So, Im sitting here…with a million things on my mind…PER USUAL. I’ve had so many things to write about, but had to settle for making notes in my journal, and writing down scriptures to keep going. Most of the time I’m trying to keep my head above water; working full time, taking two classes at Parsons, and trying to figure out Adobe Creative Suite, and then trying to blog…Wait, not just blog; blog, take photos, paint, and write. The thing is…this is not a fashion blog, yes, there are all of these outfits of the day; but scattered in between the pics of me, are my thoughts, and scattered between some of those is some art work…which happens to be my soul on paper.

The past few months, I’ve experienced a major life transformation…From the outside looking in, I seemed to still be painting, still blogging, and still smiling. All of those things are very true…because there was no way I could stop. Those things make me, me. My ability to create and bring life to a blank canvas, or words to a blank page, is what kept me sane. Like the words that lay between my fashionable blog posts, and the paintings that lay between those; so were the countless nights I spent crying and confused. Im sorry…let me be clear…weeping. My heart was broken, I had no clue what to make of my life…I didn’t want to paint, I couldn’t do outfit posts because I couldn’t fit my clothes, due the weight I lost. I was depressed and defeated…you know those two words, that people hate to use. One day I had divine moment of clarity…and yes, it was divine. I realized that I had to get up, I realized that I could not stay here.

The moments of tears started to drift, the smiles were less forced, and more genuine. I started reading my devotions, and opened up my Bible. Prayer and that word were two of the main things that saved me. Praying friends, praying family…and a praying mother. Half of the time Id take two steps forward, and then beat myself up, wondering why I wasn’t over it. The issue is, I was trying to make sense of a situation that was not to be made sense of. I was trying to find a logical explanation for emotional pain…and let me tell you…trying to do that, is like waiting for the hands on a broken clock to move. I opened up my journal, and began to write. I could not go to twitter to vent, I could not use the blog, to bash and break…so I journaled. I journaled in my weakest moments, and I journaled when I had the most strength. I began to look for the lessons from the moments,and focus on the promises that God had made to me. Instead of thinking of everything I lost, and all of the lies; I began to focus on the truths. With good, there comes bad…with darkness, there comes light. I tried to spend less time in my head, trying to figure out why and how, picturing how things could’ve went…and I began to really look at what was.

I’ve been learning a heck of a lot about myself…my needs, my flaws, my baggage, and my brilliance, and I have been writing it down. I really began diving into my bible, to really understand and internalize what was written; not only just to know…but to apply. Knowledge without application is just silly. A new season is coming; one of growth and greatness. I have loved and I have learned. I am flawed, yet often, fearless. I must give an account for all of my choices, the good, and the bad…I must justify all of my responses; those in anger, and those in gratitude. Often times, I feel alone. I’m either writing, working, or trying to figure things out. But, by the grace of God, I am what I am. I have nothing and am nothing without him. Im starting to spend less time dreaming, and more time doing. I am held to a different standard, and can not expect others to be directed by the same moral compass as I.

I dont have it all figured out…but I’m doing my best to live with integrity, and purpose. Not perfect, but intentional…Some things just dont make sense, but one day…they will.

P.S. Heres a painting Im working on

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.58.48 PM

Black and White

Happy Wednesday and A Happy Belated Veterans Day to all who have served our country, you are appreciated!

Its been an exciting week, organizing, evaluating, some laughs and some tears (again)…Ill be happy when that stops! Last Week I was Fashion Bomb of the Day, which is really exciting, and now Im back to managing school work, and work, and trying to finish illustrations.

On to the outfit! I put together this Black and White outfit to show how one can still manage a crop top despite the cold weather! This is my new favorite lace crop top, and a pair of white pants I snagged in 2013 from ASOS.

What Im Wearing:

1. Bralette- MissGuided 2. Pants- ASOS 4. Coat- Target 5. Shoes-ZARA 6. Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs


Take a Deep Breath…Lets go to Brunch

Friendship and Fellowship are two things I am beyond grateful for! On Sunday my best friend and I went to church together, and then headed to the city for brunch. It had been a minute since we had time to see each other, but of course, it was like no time had passed! Life has a way of throwing trials your way, some unexpected, sometimes these are trials that you sort of walked yourself into.

We attended Zion Church, my home church, and heard guest pastor Michael L.Henderson Sr. speak. He touched on “Good Trouble,” and how trials and tribulations draw us closer to God, showing us parts of Him that we would not see if things were always peachy. One of his main points was the importance of, “trusting in the truth of the Word and not letting the difficulty of experiences cause you to doubt His promises.” So often when tragedy strikes, or things get tough, we may doubt Gods presence, or question why such things have to happen. It is in these moments that our character is strengthened and we are able to draw closer to Christ. One of my takeaways was to praise God in the midst of the trouble, for those troubles are building experiences, adding to you, and taking away.

After church we headed to the city for brunch! We went to Eatonville, off of 14th, one of my favorites! Im not a huge fan of soul food, but I love catfish! Eatonville was named after a town in Florida,the main setting of Zora Neale Hurston’s ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God.’ That happens to be one of my favorite books, and the art work throughout the venue is amazing!

PS, meet Felicia, my best friend!

What Im Wearing:

1. Coat -Zara 2. Turtleneck-H&M 3. Pants-F21 4. Shoes-Nine West 5. Bag-Zara 


IMG_6206 copy


IMG_6223 copy