Outfit of the Day: Lady in Red

Sisterhood: a link or relationship between women who share a common goal, purpose, or drive.

Being in a sorority is not just about wearing the same colors, calling out the same chant, or throwing up the same symbol. Many times people forget the purpose of sisterhood, they ignore the mission, and get caught up on the parties, the social events, and the “networking.”

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Sister II Sister Sorority Luncheon, hosted by Taylor Thomas, of WHUR (oh yea she happens to be my Auntie)! It was so refreshing to be around women who put aside Sorority differences, and came together to empower and uplift each other. Sheryl Underwood was the key note speaker…she touched on our responsibility as sorority women, to really continue to implement change, and remember the values and the drive of our founders to change the world, and help our community. I definitely shed a few tears, and felt so motivated to continue my efforts, to not only, support and give back to my community, but also, continue my entrepreneurship goals.

Outfit of the Day:

What Im Wearing:

1. Dress- ASOS 2. Shoes- Nine West 3. Bag- 1800 LOVE DST









Outfit of the Day: Easy as Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a restful weekend! Mine was quite busy, and posts will soon follow!

This morning I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to wear to church, then this sundress popped into my mind that I snagged from Eastern Market last summer! Its pretty long, so I threw on a solid black sandal, and tossed in my Kate Spade striped clutch for some mixed print action! Im totally here for mixing prints! My Candy Yum Yum lipstick by M.A.C. matched perfectly, and the rest was her story!!!

What Im Wearing:

1. Dress – Eastern Market 2. Shoes -BCBG by way of Marshalls 3. Purse – Kate Spade 4. Jewelry- Marc Jacobs




#CookieCocktails : #FinancesDemystified

Having fun with finance!? If that sounds like an oxymoron to you then you haven’t met, Dominique Broadway! She’s fabulous, fly, and financially savvy! Dominique Broadway is a financial planner who left her full time job at a major brokerage firm to start her own business, helping and educating people about financial literacy, and all the ends and outs of money management. She works with clients from all walks of life, but is passionate about helping young professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives chasing their dreams!

Dominique teamed up with The Cookie Life, a blog that promotes female entrepreneurship and empowerment, for their Cookie Cocktails event! Learning about finances in a posh venue with wine and cheese!? Can you say GENIUS! Being in a setting with like minded individuals is always invigorating. I learned a lot and left inspired! If you want to learn more about the Cookie Life, and Dominique Broadway, click on the hot links, which gives all of their info and how to contact them!

Of course I couldn’t leave without sharing my Outfit of the Day! I ended up wearing silver flats to the actual event, after decided to take off my heels.  I wanted to go for a simple summery look, but paired it with a dark lip ( my go-to Media by M.A.C.) Enjoy!

What Im Wearing:

1. Tank – H&M 2. Skirt- Mustard Seed 3. Shoes- Steve Madden 4.Bag- ASOS





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Why Settle?

“What do you want?” said my dad as I lay on the edge of my bed, wiping the tears from my face and staring blankly out of the window. I remained silent.

I was frustrated by this question, confused, and annoyed, and a bit helpless…because I didnt have an answer. I was thinking to myself, “What a simple question…why cant I answer it?” He waited a bit, I remained silent, and then he said to me, “Once you figure out what you want, everything else will start to make sense, and you will not accept anything less.”

That made sense, it really did…but I couldn’t seem to get past the thoughts of ‘how did I get here?’ I thought a little more, and realized it wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted…it was that I didn’t believe that these desires were valid. I had fellowshipped with labels that other people put on me, the “high maintenance,” “difficult,” and “fairy tale dreams.” that I heard a few too many times. I found myself unconsciously lowering my standard, in efforts of being more ‘understanding,’ and that lowering of the standard left me pissed off and carrying weight that was not mine to carry.

A series of very “unfortunate” events led me to a familiar place of disappointment and pain, which I had vowed to myself, that I would never visit again. I use the term “unfortunate” loosely, because, although at the current moment, the incident has caused me great pain and discomfort, it has also given me the opportunity to re-examine who I am, what I bring to the table, and what I want. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am referring to a not so happy-ending, failed relationship. I guess the word failed is subject to interpretation, but thats how I see it. I knew what I wanted, and it didn’t seem that impossible from my point of view…but as you know, relationships are never from one person’s vantage point.  As the relationship began to change and evolve, it became more evident that we were not in the same place, and not on the same page. We tried to be understanding, but this just led to more frustration and countless hours of arguing and disagreements. I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I needed, and apparently that just wasn’t working out. I wont sit here and act as if it was one sided, like I didn’t have faults, but for the most part, a lot of the friction was because I knew early on that the time, space, and opportunity were not lining up. In efforts of being “understanding,” I started accepting things and taking on responsibilities that were never mine to take on. I know the line is cliche, but love will really make you do some crazy things.

Even though the relationship did end with lies, dishonesty, and deceit…which surprise, if I had gone with my gut, I probably could’ve avoided; I still have learned some very necessary lessons. The biggest one, know what you want, and be okay with that. At times things seem like they fit, and sometimes they do, but for a season. At the point when you start to outgrow the shoes, it’s time to put them away. You can not be in a healthy relationship with someone if you do not know what you want. You will end up drained and exhausted because you think you are being loved…but you could just be sitting there accepting the love that they are giving you, which may not be the love that you deserve. I definitely just learned this the hard way, and, yes it sucks! Half of the time I don’t know if I’m sad and crying because I miss the “make shift love,” or if I’m pissed because I spent time settling and accepting what someone was giving me, instead of waiting patiently for what I deserved. Know your worth, and remember your worth. At any time when you see you are being treated less than what you deserve, go back to that list of wants, and decide for yourself, whether you stay or go. I would suggest that if you decide that the relationship is not working, leave with integrity…because lies just cause more pain, and a lot of unnecessary B.S.

Be honest with yourself, be comfortable with what you want. Figuring it out can seem quite daunting..and somewhat impossible. I personally think the question is a bit stressful and very consuming. After writing down a list of things I wanted in my life, I began to see that figuring out what you want isn’t really the hard part…the struggle is in being confident in what you want…and having faith that it will manifest. This does take work! I’m still trying to clean out the cobwebs of crap that I have accepted from other people that I didn’t want, and more importantly didn’t need. Know your worth, wait your turn, and don’t settle. I know its easier said than done…

P.S. Remember, it is ok to mess up (hardest truth ever)

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Outfit of the Day: 1800 LOVE DST

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing week, and stay cool in this heat!! Today Im introducing a company run by one of my very dear friends, and my big sister, called 1800 LOVE DST. Im styled my LOVE DST tee with some boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket earlier in the spring, and wanted to share the look and the site with my readers! Although I love my tee, I SWOOOOON over the handbags. They range from totes, to clutches, to satchels, and she has a tone of accessories and bag charms to give any item you have at home a personal touch! Click the link above to see more, and check out my look below!

What Im Wearing:

1. T-shirt: 1800LOVEDST 2. Boyfriend Jeans- Lucky Brand 3. Jacket – H&M  4. Shoes – Nine West 5. Bag- ASOS 6. Glasses- H&M